2 guests · 1 bedroom · 2 beds · 1 Crib · 1 bath

Rental overview

Brand new Beautifull suite in Woodbury Junction across the Shul

Rental Rules & Policy

Insurance policy here is more details.

  • Guests must cancel at least 30 days before check-in to receive a refund
  • Guests can change property only till 30 days before check-in
  • Pets or dogs are not allowed 
  • No smoking in the house

Sleeping arrangements

  • Bedroom 1

    2 x 44/48

Amenities & Concierge

  • Central Air condition and heater

  • Wi-Fi

Dates & Reservations

Rental Location

Highland mills, NY

Monroe, NY

What's nearby
Price per night
$175 / night
Number of guests
  • Adults
  • Children

Prices can change based on your dates.

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