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Has vacationing been hard on you? Do you feel you need a vacation after every vacation? Welcome to Guestay, where you'll feel like a guest while vacationing at your stay. Eliminate the hassle of searching for the right villa with a nearby minyan and kosher facilities, because guess what?! every Guestay villa is within walking distance to a shul, a mikvah, kosher shopping, and more! And it doesn't end there...

Guestay villas come with a fully stocked kosher kitchen, beautiful fresh linen, towels, and all amenities you'll need at your stay. But then you'll ask, what about kosher food? well, just like being a guest, Guestay concierge will arrange ready meals for you as you choose! Shabbos, Yom Tov, or just in the middle of the week. You deserve a real vacation the way it's meant to be, hassle-free. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your Guestay.

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Guestay villas are located in the airy mountains of Upstate NY including the Urban Monroe NY and the Suburban Catskill Mountains. All villas are within walking distance of Kosher facilities. Guestay hosts an array of homes ranging from small condos to large 25+ bed villas. From mediocre to luxury, Guestay has it all.

Guestay homes are graciously managed by WhiteHouse™️

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