#GU218 The Pecos Villa

12 guests · 5 bedrooms · 12 beds · 2 Cribs · 2 baths

Rental overview

This newly renovated 5 bedroom property has 12 beds and two full bathrooms. The property has modern ceramic tiles and modern furniture. The grounds are lovely, and there is a heated in-ground pool, trampoline, playroom, BBQ grill and deck with outdoor furniture. It is located near Shul and Mikvah.

Rental Rules & Policy

Insurance policy here is more details.

Sleeping arrangements

  • Bedroom 1

    2 x 44/48

  • Bedroom 2

    2 x Twin

  • Bedroom 3

    2 x bunk bed

  • Bedroom 4

    2 x Full

  • Living

    1 x day bed with trundle

Amenities & Concierge

  • Pool

  • Wi-Fi

Dates & Reservations

Price per night
$450 / night
Number of guests
  • Adults
  • Children

Prices can change based on your dates.

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