#GU226 Vista Estate

16 guests · 7 bedrooms · 16 beds · 2 Cribs · 5 baths

Rental overview

Lakewood is a vibrant, exciting place - a natural beauty set amidst parks, lakes, and a variety of kosher restaurants and entertainment. Nearby, situated in Toms River, The Vista estate makes the perfect venue for a luxurious family getaway.

The Estate is split into 2 houses, with all the modern 21st Century amenities. At the front of the property, the main house, with 5 beautiful bedrooms and 3 modern bathrooms, boasts a large dining and living room, with the highest quality furniture and an immaculate Kosher kitchen. Walk through manicured gardens, an outdoor playground set for the kids, and an inviting heated pool (seasonal) to greet the guest house.

Self-contained with its own kitchen and dinette, there are 2 (connected) bedrooms upstairs and 1.5 bathrooms. Outside on the deck stands a hot tub for you to enjoy. In total, the Vista Estate can comfortably host up to 16 guests and it is also equipped with the following amenities and conveniences: Wi-fi, central air conditioning, parking, a local eiruv, and is located within close walking distance to several shuls.

Rental Rules & Policy

Insurance policy here is more details.

Sleeping arrangements

Area (sqft)


  • Bedroom 1

    2 x Full

  • Bedroom 2

    2 x Full

  • Bedroom 3

    2 x Full

  • Bedroom 4

    2 x Twin

  • Bedroom 5

    2 x Twin

  • Bedroom 6 (Guest House)

    2 x Full

  • Bedroom 7 (Guest House)

    4 x Twin

Amenities & Concierge

  • Hot Tub

  • Gas BBQ Grill

  • Pool

  • Central Air condition and heater

  • Washer & Dryer

  • Wi-Fi

Dates & Reservations

Price per night
$695 / night
Number of guests
  • Adults
  • Children

Prices can change based on your dates.

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